Logic Lounge Psychology can provide psychological services to individuals who are entitled to a Work Development Order (WDO).

The Work and Development Order (WDO) Scheme is a NSW initiative that allows vulnerable people to clear outstanding fines (penalty notice and court fines) with activities or treatment rather than money.

WDOs are supervised by organisations or health practitioners called WDO sponsors. They have special approval from the NSW government to supervise WDOs.

Who is eligible?

A person is eligible to participate in the scheme if they are homeless, have a mental illness, intellectual disability, cognitive impairment, serious addiction to drugs or alcohol, or are in acute financial hardship (i.e. on a Centrelink benefit).

How does a WDO clear fines debt?

The WDO Scheme enables eligible people to clear up to $1000 a month from their fines by participating in medical, mental health or drug and alcohol treatment, counselling (including case management), financial counselling, vocational, educational or life skills courses, or voluntary work. Fines are cleared at our full rates (refer to our fees page), and you will be entitled to a Medicare rebate if you have a referral from your GP. Once your 10 Medicare-rebateable sessions are finished, a reduced rate can be arraged for further sessions, at the discression of the support team.

What is the process?

You can contact us to discuss your requirements and make an initial appointment.