Effective 1 December 2023, our general consultation fee for existing clients will be adjusted to $175.

Individual therapy

General Psychologist

Medicare rebate: $93.35

Couples therapy

General Psychologist

No Medicare rebate available

Court Reports

Section 10 Dismissals & Section 32 Mental Health Orders

This fee includes:
– 3 consultations – $150-200 each (required)
– The court report – $1650

Psychometric testing

Ages 6-16

Ages 4-50

Ages 2-7

Ages 16+

ADHD testing

*Fees are inclusive of GST

Financial distress

Please call our team to discuss a financial distress fee. The following eligibility criteria applies:

  • Pensioner or Disability pension card holder; or
  • Long-term unemployment

Cancellation policy

All sessions with a Psychologist will incur a cancellation fee if the relevant notice period is not abided by.

Please refer to the table below for a break-down of cancellation fees:

Type of consultation Notice period required Cancellation Fee
Consultation with a General Psychologist 24 hours $90
Consultation with a Clinical Psychologist 24 hours $130
NDIS Consultation 7 business days $214.41

Medicare rebates

A Medicare rebate is only available to individuals who have obtained a mental health care plan from their GP. Once you have paid for your session, we will process your rebate. However, the session has to take place first.

A refund may also be available under your private health fund. Please contact your health fund to inquire about your eligibility.

Session Codes

Service Code 
50+ min with a Psychologist (face-to-face) 80110
50+ min with a Psychologist (video) 91170
50+ min with a Psychologist (telephone) 91184
50+ min with a Clinical Psychologist (face-to-face) 80010
50+ min with a Clinical Psychologist (video) 91167
50+ min with a Clinical Psychologist (telephone) 91182
Workcover – initial session PSY001
Workcover – subsequent session PSY002
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